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Kia Holtz

One Survivor of the Twelve Colonies

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Kia Holtz is one of the refugees in the Colonial fleet, fleeing destruction at the hands of the Cylons. She lives on board the heavy freighter Amalthea, where she has taken on the task of organizing the care of several dozen children orphaned by the attacks. But don't ever mistake her for a saint. A blunt, brassy fiftymumble years old, she's lived and seen and done a lot and can't be shocked by too much anymore.

Speculation about her past runs the gamut. People say she was a teacher, a nurse, a lounge singer, in the military, a highly-paid burlesque performer ... and some say that at different points in her life, she was all of these things. Kia herself has done little to confirm or deny any of the stories, and is frankly amused by what people come up with. She's not an incredibly maternal figure, but she has a soft center and a way of getting things done when they need to be. Her recruited helpers usually do more of the hands-on "mothering" of the kids. Think of her as the tough matriarch lioness of the pride, keeping track of things and keeping everyone in line.

It was through arranging the kids' health care that she got to know Doc Cottle. Sensing a kindred soul in the gruff, world-weary man with the massive load of responsibility, Kia made a deliberate decision to advance their relationship to the physical. Having just been caught checking out her ... assets ... at the time, Cottle didn't need much persuasion, surprised as he was. They have developed a relaxed "friends-with-benefits" relationship; both are uncertain if it will progress any further than that.

Physical Description:

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 160 pounds
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Chestnut brown threaded with silver. Usually worn in a waist-length braid or twisted in a bun.
Skin: Fair. Crinkles at the corners of eyes and mouth.
Proportions: Junoesque hourglass figure. The term "zaftig" would fit if she were on Earth. ;)
Voice: Alto, low and rich. She can sing.

Note: Kia is an original character (OC) in the established universe of Battlestar Galactica 2003. Her journal is for roleplay and participating in the original_muses comm (not to mention for getting me unstuck on a fic which is long overdue ... :P finally finished!!! ^_^). I am making absolutely zero money by fiddling around with Ron Moore's toys, and I have his permission to do so. This journal also has no connection with Kathleen Turner other than borrowing her face a teenytiny bit. ;) Many thanks to my iconista friends, dien, docladyblade, ramdonomo and the_vixxmeister! *applauds*